Share is a multiplayer IO game developed by Kooapps and launched in 2016. You control a snake, consuming glowing orbs scattered across it to grow as large as possible.

How to play Snake io 


Use the mouse or arrow keys to navigate your snake. To increase your speed, hold down the left mouse button.

Eating Orbs

Control the snake to collect glowing orbs to grow in size. The more orbs you eat, the larger you become. Eat a lot to make your snake grow faster.

Avoid other snakes

If your snake's head touches another snake while moving, it will explode, and the game is over.

Your goal is to avoid crashing into others while trying to make them crash into you.

Lure other snakes into crashing into you

If other snakes rush at you, they will explode, and you can eat glowing orbs from them. You can move quickly to block their heads or force them off the map.

Tips for Success

  • Aim for the heads of smaller snakes to eat orbs from them.
  • In the first stage, eat a lot of glowing balls to increase their size.
  • Increase speed when needed to block other snakes.

Are you ready to dominate the leaderboard and grow the biggest snake in the unblocked game?

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