Share is an addictive multiplayer game in which you start as a small black hole and expand as you absorb more objects in your path. Get ready to destroy the whole city within the two-minute time limit.

How to play

The game starts in a small black hole, where you can consume small objects such as plants and people. This will cause you to grow rapidly, allowing your hole to absorb larger things.

The bigger you are, the more objects you can swallow in the void. There are many buildings on the map; eat a lot of buildings and you will quickly grow up.

Your goal is to devour entire civilizations. Although you can absorb other players, the main goal is to consume as many objects as possible. This allows you to grow quickly within a two-minute time limit. 

Other players can also eat you if they are larger, so do your best to avoid them before you can destroy them. If consumed, you only have to wait a few seconds before respawning.

Game maps

The game has many maps for you to choose from to satisfy your passion for destruction, including post-apocalyptic wastelands, cities, farms, medieval themes and many more. Choose any map you want to get started on.

Game modes

  • Default game: The game will calculate your playing time. When time runs out, the hole with the highest score wins.
  • Battle royale: The game will go on endlessly until you stand on the last hole.

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