Share is an exciting multiplayer survival game where players control adorable cats in a battle for survival and dominance of a bizarre animal kingdom.

How to play Creatur io

Basic Gameplay

The goal is to grow to defeat other cats.

Players navigate their cat around the map to collect gems and grow. The more you develop, the more XP you get.

In addition, you also need to attack other cats. Be careful to attack them from behind. If you attack directly, you may be knocked out.

Evolution and Abilities

As the cat gains XP and grows, it can gain new skills, including becoming invisible for a short period, lunging forward to catch enemies off guard, or flying away to avoid dangerous situations.


  • Use your mouse to move
  • QWE to use an ability

Tips for Playing

  • Collect lots of gems and food to grow faster.
  • Always attack your opponent from behind to save energy and time.
  • Use effective additional skills such as acceleration, invisibility, and burst.

Join the game to become the top cat in with your strategic prowess and quick reflexes.


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