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Little Big Snake

Little Big Snake is a snake io game where you'll be getting your little worm through the whole map to eat food and eat other snakes to grow up and become a giant snake.

About Little Big Snake

The game has the same gameplay as the familiar Slither IO but adds a brand new experience of unprecedented quality.

With the bright, colorful, and clear graphics, every inch of the screen is extremely satisfying to look at. The map is also full of nice little details and has many skins to choose from.

How to play

Starting from a small snake you have to eat glowing pellets (Nectar) that are scattered and stationary. To grow faster you have to eat small animals like insects and flies.

You can also eat the remains of other snakes after being destroyed when you come across them. The goal is to become the biggest snake and live the longest.

When your snake dies, it can reincarnate into a small ladybug. You need to collect again from the beginning by clicking to land to collect the members.

Tips of the game

Avoid Obstacles: Crashing into any obstacle will cause your snake to be destroyed. These include rocks, thorny bushes, and borders around the arena.

Actively attack other snakes: Control your snake to make other snakes rush in, which will turn into small pellets that you can eat to grow much larger.

Accelerate when needed: By pressing and holding the left mouse button, your snake will accelerate quickly, and you can use it accordingly to attack your opponents.


Use your mouse

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