Share is a multiplayer .io game where you control a square, eat other squares, rise to the top, and become the largest square in the server. 

The game provides many eye-catching interfaces for characters for you to choose from. Are you ready to dominate the map?

Game Overview

Release Date: Dec 09, 2019

Genre: IO, drawing

Platforms: Web browsers, Desktop, Mobile

How to play

You will start the game with a small square. When starting the game, eat regular food to gradually grow bigger. Once you have the right size, start combining bombs when attacking other players to gain points faster.

You can also join up with friends, making each match a thrilling battle for supremacy.


Use your mouse to control your square, and press the spacebar to divide.

Use 'W' KEY to eat and attack.

Did you enjoy this fun game? Then give a try!


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