Share is a 2D multiplayer game where players engage in combat with a variety of weapons and equipment to destroy other players and become the strongest in the arena.

How to play

Basic Gameplay

Players engage in combat using a variety of weapons, tanks, and other destructive forces.

The game offers multiple maps and game modes. Conquer all the maps in the game in solo mode or form your team to be stronger.

The game provides more than 20 different weapons for players to choose from. You can switch weapons using the number keys. Each weapon has its own characteristics. In addition, you are also equipped with vehicles to move, such as tanks and jeeps.

Leveling Up and Upgrades

Players need to earn XP to unlock new weapons and skills. In addition, the game also offers daily challenges, weapons, seasonal items or new emoticons.


  • WASD: move
  • Left mouse button: shoot
  • R: reload
  • E: enter vehicles

Tips to Play

  • Using the same perks can amplify their effects, such as enhancing health or increasing damage.
  • Drop bullets and health to support teammates when needed in team mode.
  • Using grenades can increase wide-area damage.

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