Share is a multiplayer .io game in which you control a dot to expand your territory of hexagons as wide as possible. Start the race to dominate every land!

Game Overview

Genre: IO, drawing

Platforms: Web browsers, Desktop, Mobile

How to play

Control your character using the mouse, create territory by drawing shapes, and connect them to your existing land.

Each block you conquer earns 1 point and occupies 0.003% of the map, and the ultimate goal is to reach 100% territory occupation. Each time you destroy an opponent, you will receive 500 points.

You can also take your opponent's territory by entering their zone.

But be careful; your line is your weak spot, and if an enemy touches it when you are out of territory, it's game over.

Tips of the game

  • Actively attack opponents
  • Avoid stabbing yourself
  • Be careful when approaching opponents
  • Conquer suitable lands

Controls: Use the Mouse

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