Share is an action-packed io game where players control a tank and shoot to destroy objects and the enemy to become the strongest tank on the battlefield. 

Game Overview

Developer: Matheus Valadares

Release date: April 2016

Genre: IO, Battle

How to play was developed by the developer of, the first io game released in 2015. The game concept is the same. However, instead of transforming into a cell, players must take control of a tank.

The main goal is to defeat the enemy and survive as long as possible. To do that, players must shoot to destroy various objects in the arena as well as other players. Try to avoid the enemy fire. If you get hit, your health will decrease.

You will start the game with level 1 tank. Try to take down the opponents to level up.

Level-up and upgrades

Your tank will have 8 different stats including:

  • speed
  • health regeneration
  • max health
  • bullet damage
  • bullet speed
  • bullet penetration
  • reload
  • body damage

As you defeat other players and earn skill points, you can use them to upgrade your tank attributes. Think carefully because you only have limited points.


WASD / Arrow keys = Move

Left-click = Shoot

Mouse = Aim


  • Different tank classes
  • Various upgrade attributes
  • Different game modes
  • Regular updates with new features and content

Tips to win

Focus on leveling up your tank at the beginning. This can help increase your chances of survival.

Select a tank class that matches your playstyle. Think of whether you prefer speed, firepower, or durability.

Keep an eye on your surroundings and be aware of enemy movements. This can help you avoid getting caught off guard.

Team up with other players to take down tougher opponents and dominate the battlefield.

You can check out, the first io game ever developed, and battle to become the biggest one in the arena. 


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