Share 2 is an online multiplayer game where you must capture as much territory as possible by moving around the map and painting your own colors. Compete against other players in a circular arena, trying to claim the largest territory.

How to play Paper io

Drag the mouse to move around and capture the remaining lands on the map. You need to glide over the white area and someone else's paint area, then connect back to your paint color to claim that area.

That way, you can gain someone else's entire territory. However, when you move outside your color, your tail will be vulnerable, and other players can rush at it to destroy you. So don't be too greedy and think strategically about how to capture the most land.

You will continuously fight with other players until you get the highest score corresponding to the entire territory. This sounds really exciting, right?

Tips and Tricks

  • Be wary of your opponents: Pay attention to your opponents, and if you don't want the game to end, avoid letting them hit your tail.
  • Attack players to get points: You can actively crash into the opponent's colored area to take their land.
  • Occupy neighboring areas first: Move carefully and stay close to your territory until you are sure you can advance to more adventurous areas.

Game Modes:

  • Classic game
  • Fast speed
  • Slow speed
  • Inverted controls
  • Small map
  • Small map + fast speed


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around the map.

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