Share is a .io game with the objective of conquering as much territory on the map as possible and emerging as the largest player among all competitors.

Game Overview

Release Date: June 18, 2016
Genre: multiplayer, action.
Platform: Web browser

How to play


You start the game with a small colored area corresponding to your territory.

Expand your territory by drawing lines outside your base to capture new areas. To successfully add new territories to your base, you must navigate your way back to your territory without interruption. Then the new land will be covered with your color.

Steal territories from other players.

You can take territories from others and make them yours.

However, opponents can also do the same thing.

Safety and Risks

When you are in your zone, you are safe. However, you need to get out of it to capture new territories. Then, your opponent will hurt you. If someone else touches your color line, you will be eliminated. Therefore, you need to quickly return to base to protect your territory.


Arrows / WASD: Move is a combination of strategic planning and quick reflexes. Join and become the leader on the map and top the rankings.

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