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WorldGuessr - Free Geoguessr

WorldGuessr is a fun puzzle game similar to GeoGuessr. In the game, players will challenge their geographical knowledge when they are placed in a random location and have to guess that location.

How to Play WorldGuessr

When you start the game, you'll be dropped off at a random location anywhere in the world via Google Street View.

Use the arrows on the screen to navigate the area. Look for clues such as road signs, languages, landscapes, and any distinctive landmarks.

Once you have your answer, click on the map and set the location you think is correct.


You will be scored based on the distance from the answer to the location you guessed. The closer you are to the answer, the higher your score.


Pay attention to small clues like road markings, vegetation, and architectural style to get more hints about the location.

With the interesting geographical theme that the game brings, WorldGuessr is the right place for you to test and improve your knowledge anywhere. Explore the vast world with engaging and rewarding gameplay!

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