Share is an FPS game where players are thrown into shooting battles like in Halo and Destiny game! Get ready to showcase your shooting skills, reflexes, and tactical abilities!

Game Overview

  • Developer: eviocontact
  • Release date: December 2023
  • Game genre: IO game, FPS
  • Platforms: Web browser, Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

How to play Ev io game

Game Modes

The game offers a variety of game modes to give players different ways to enjoy the game.

  • Deathmatch
  • Sniper Shotgun
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Battle Royale
  • Survival


There is a wide selection of weapons to choose from including sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, and many more. Each weapon has a unique handling and specifications.

Battle & Arena

Enter the sci-fi environment and try to take down the enemy with your weapons. Perform different actions like teleporting, triple jumping, stamina,... to outmaneuver the opponents and surprise them with your bullets!

Whatever the game mode you select, your ultimate goal is to defeat as many opponents as possible and survive to the last!


  • WASD = Move
  • Space = Jump
  • Left-click = Shoot
  • Right-click = Aim
  • Shift = Run
  • 1/2/3/4 = Weapons
  • G = Grenade
  • M = Menu


  • Thrilling and addictive multiplayer shooter game
  • Various game modes
  • A diverse selection of weapons
  • Engaging gameplay mechanics
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Responsive controls

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