Share is a multiplayer online game where players transform into powerful lords and lead their armies to conquer territory and dominate the battlefield.

Game Overview

Developer: Spinbot Studio

Release date: November 2017

Genre: Action, Strategy

How to play

In this game, you will start as a single lord with a small army of loyal soldiers. Your goal is to expand your territory by capturing villages, recruiting soldiers, and defeating other players. As you grow your army and conquer more land, you will earn gold that can be used to strengthen your forces and unlock new units.

Build and Attack

You must have a wise strategy to deploy your soldiers and attack the enemy units and structures.

At the same time, you have to build defenses like strong walls and castles to keep the enemy out of your assets.


Try to capture key locations and defend them to secure your enemy. Use your gold wisely in upgrading your army and unlocking powerful units.

Stay vigilant

Make sure that you keep your eyes on your gold reserves and army size. This will make sure you always stay ahead of the competition. Watching out for the enemy movements is also crucial during battles!


  • Mouse = Move
  • E = House
  • R = Tower
  • T = Soldier
  • Y = Knight
  • U = Archer
  • I = Barbarian
  • O = Dragon
  • Space = Split Army
  • Left-click = Deploy soldiers
  • Wheel scroll to zoom in/out

Highlighted Features

  • Massive multiplayer battles
  • Various units to recruits
  • Different upgrades

Some similar games that you can try are Zombs Royale and These games require great strategy and tactics to win.


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