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Zombs Royale

Zombs Royale io is a battle royale game that combines both zombie and battle gameplay. In this game, players must fight against each other and try to become the Zombs champion.

Game Overview

Developer: Yang and Jeremiah (End Game)

Release date: March 2018

Genres: IO, Battle Royale

Platforms: Web browsers, Desktop, Mobile

How to play Zombs Royale

Get ready for a real-time battle royale! Your chance to compete and showcase your skills against 100 players in real-time is here! Sharpen your skills, search for resources, construct a base, and FIGHT! There are zombie hordes and hostile players that you must take down. Utilize your weapons, aim, and shoot precisely!

Where to find loot? Loots are scattered around. What you need to do is to move around, search, open a chest, and pick it up. Different kinds of items that you can get. There are weapons of different rarities, ammunition, and potions to use!

Weapons range from common, and uncommon, to mythic. Each features different stats. For example, the Pump Shotgun is a great choice to defeat opponents at a short range. Tactical Shotgun, AK, and MP5 are popular medium-range guns.

Don't forget to customize your character! Change your outfit, skin, backpack, sprays, and more!

Game Controls to master

  • WASD / Arrow keys = move your character
  • Left click = shoot
  • R = reload
  • M / Tab = map
  • E = interact
  • Right click = emoticon list


  • Huge battlegrounds with up to 100 players
  • Numerous loots
  • Various cosmetic items
  • Zombie and battle gameplay

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