Share is a battle game in which you control your fighter jet to dominate the skies and climb to the top of the leaderboards.

How to play Wings io

In the game, you can choose your username, color, and decal. The diverse selection of aircraft, each equipped with unique attributes and weapons, adds another layer of customization to the gameplay.

Entering the arena as a pilot, you must fly around the arena without being destroyed by other players and collect weapons to take down opponent planes. To get the edge, pick up various dropped weapons from a diverse arsenal, including lasers, bombs, bullets, and more.

The fast-paced game requires players to move skillfully, avoiding incoming fire while launching weapons at opponents.

Tips to win the game

Pick up Power-ups scattered in the sky that give temporary boosts, increased speed, firepower, and health.

Players can cooperate with teammates to take down a larger opposing team.


  • Use your mouse to move and to aim
  • Press the left mouse button or press the space bar to shoot

If you enjoy battling in space, play, control a spaceship, and start an epic space adventure


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