Share is a multiplayer shooter game where you will control a spaceship to enter intense battles with other players in space and become the last player alive.

How to play Starblast

In this fast-paced game, you take command of a spacecraft engaging in skirmishes against global adversaries. The game requires you to strategically destroy enemy ships, collect precious gems, and upgrade your vessel.

As you traverse the celestial expanse, you encounter both human and AI-controlled. Utilize your ship's arsenal and your skills to outmaneuver opponents, transforming them into stardust.

Collect gems to upgrade your ship's firepower, speed, and durability. Carefully manage resources, choose battles judiciously, and build squads with other players to fight stronger enemies.

You must strike a balance between offense and defense. Try to avoid other players attacking and farming gems until you are strong enough to be able to take them down.

Game Modes

  • Team
  • Survival
  • Invasion
  • Pro Deathmatch


  • Use your mouse by holding right-click and dragging around.
  • Use the arrow keys to move and use the space bar to fire. 

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