Share is a survival game where players fight off relentless zombie attacks across a ravaged world to become the last survivor.

The player will become a one-man army, equipped with different weapons and skills. In the game, players can collect gems, level up, and get more powerful weapons to fight off the relentless waves of thousands of zombies.

How to play

You control a character who moves to avoid enemy attacks. Characters gain experience points (EXP) by collecting gems from defeated enemies. As you level up, you'll unlock new skills and open chests for more power.

Each match will have a specific time limit and your main goal is to survive until the end.

The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat the final boss, the strongest enemy, at the end of each level.

Skills and Gear

  • Active skills: deal damage
  • Passive skills: provide beneficial buffs
  • Evolution skills: combine max-level
  • Gear: boost the character's abilities and upgrade with gold.

Tips to Play Survivor IO

  • Focus on movement
  • Collect Gems
  • Utilize high-rarity gear
  • Strategize for the Boss

The game has simple navigation but the challenge lies in the constantly increasing waves of zombies. Are you ready to defeat the final boss to become the last survivor?

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