Share is a fighting game where players will participate in a battle for survival against monsters and dangerous bosses. By joining the game, you will enter a mysterious world full of difficulties and traps. Please increase your vigilance.

How to play

The player's mission is to destroy monsters along the way, especially the final boss, Grix.

You must control the character to move and launch blows to destroy the oncoming blue monsters. Every time you kill a monster, you will gain additional strength. However, be careful because they can attack you and injure you.

Go around the map to kill many monsters and equip different weapons. The goal is to find the final boss and defeat it. This opponent is extremely difficult, but it also gives you a climactic ending when you defeat it.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to Movement
  • E and F to Interact
  • Q to Emote
  • Left-click to shoot

Tips to play

  • Defeat many monsters to collect items
  • Guard against your opponent's attacks
  • Team up to become stronger
  • Smart use of items

Together with your friends, form the strongest army and defeat any enemy in!


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