Share is a multiplayer online shooting game where you will enter the arena with fierce battles to defeat other players.

How to play

Your mission in the game is to shoot down as many opponents as possible.

Control the character to move to attack other players on the map. Be wary of your opponent's attacks. If you are attacked by an opponent, you will turn into a ghost and have to wait to be revived.

If you run out of life, you will die and cannot be revived again. So kill all your enemies before you run out of lives.


  • W to double jump
  • AD to move
  • F to pick up and drop
  • Space to attack
  • Shift to use power

Tips to win the game

Some tips in the game you need to know to be successful are:

  • Press jump twice to double jump to better attack and dodge opponents.
  • Pick up the necessary items to increase your fighting power.
  • Use Moonwalk to move in the opposite direction of the direction you are facing.

Participate in this fast-paced fighting game on your browser with friends today! If you love fighting games, and are also the right choices for you. Have fun!


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