Share is a 1v1 shooting game that puts you in a fierce arena where you build your army to fight other players.

How to play

Upon entering the arena, you will have to build your team by choosing items and merging them. When the army is ready, start the battle. The matches will start automatically, and you will know the results after they end.

Items in the game: Witch, Curse, Blocker, Charger, Bag, Extended Arrow

If you win, you will receive money. If you lose, you will still be encouraged with a consolation prize.

You can use money to buy items, upgrade your army, or buy a general. All helps you become stronger in the next matches.

Tips to play

  • Calculate the stats of items to merge them
  • Buy more champions when needed
  • Build teams with your friends to get stronger

Build the most elite army and defeat any enemy that stands in your way to climb to the top of the rankings!

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