Share is a game for drawing enthusiasts. In this game, each player will take their turn to draw and guess. The faster you can guess the word correctly, the more points you will earn. It's the battle of drawing and knowledge!

Game Overview

Developer: ticedev

Release date: February 2017

Genre: io game, drawing, guessing

How to play Skribblio game

When you join a match, you must compete with different players in the room.

In this game, players will have to try to guess the word that the other is drawing. The quicker you can find the word, the more points you will get. And when it's your turn to draw, you can select among different words and start drawing using different painting items. And other players must try to guess it.

At the top of the screen, you can see that the word is underlined. So you can know the number of letters in the target word. There is also a timer! So try to guess the word within the time limit. Otherwise, you won't get any points.

Draw, guess, and more!

Showcase your artistic skills as you draw an assigned word and your knowledge as you try to guess the hidden word! The words that you have to guess may be about anything in the world! That's what makes the game become so addictive! 

Besides, you can make friends with players all over the globe and share your interests! Are you ready to join the exciting virtual drawing showdown?

Game Controls

Players can use their left mouse button to select drawing items and start drawing.

Use your keyboard to give a guess.

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