Share is an online io game for fans of drawing and guessing games. Players take turns drawing an assigned word and others will try to guess what it is. At the end of the game, the one with the most points wins the game.

Game Overview

Developer: Garticio Tecnologia LTDA

Release date: July 2017

Genre: IO, drawing

Platforms: Web browsers, Desktop, Mobile

How to play

Each match in the game consists of several rounds. In each round, a player must draw a designated word without revealing its letters and others will try to guess it. Try to get the word as quickly as possible to earn more points. The faster you are, the more points you can get. The player with the most points at the end wins the game.


To draw: Use your mouse or touchpad to draw with the drawing items. Do not draw letters, numbers, or symbols. You only have 60 seconds to draw!

To guess: Type your guess in the chat box and hit Enter to submit your guess.

Invite friends!

The game allows players to create their own room and invite up to 50 friends to enjoy the game! Simply create a room and share a link with your friends!

Diverse topics

The target word can be about anything! Besides, you can create your own custom word lists to add a personal touch to the game! features a great place for drawing, creativity, and fun! Gather your friends and unleash your inner artist now!


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