Share is an exciting strategy game where you are tasked with building the largest army to take over vast territories by building and fighting. Expand your kingdom and create the best heroes.

The game is set in a time of kings, lords, and magicians. In it, you have to build an army and go to war.

How to play

Your task in the game is to build the necessary buildings for your army.

First, you have to build a castle. You can then recruit basic units in the Units Menu (U).

Next, build the stables for Cavalry units, the Academy for Mages, and the Monster Den for Dragons.

Building a Forge helps upgrade your military units.

Archer Towers, Mage Towers, or large walls will help protect your camp, so upgrade them to protect your base.
In addition, you can also destroy other players' bases to earn more points and gold. If you have enough points, you can unlock new territories.

You can win more Gold and Victory Points by destroying other players' buildings. If you earn enough Victory Points, you'll unlock new territories in Conquest Mode.


  • WASD or Mouse: Motion
  • Click to attack the nearest building
  • E or right-click to activate power
  • Press Space to Split
  • B to open the Build Menu
  • U to open the Units Menu
  • F to open the Formation Menu
  • Y to open the Unit Upgrade Menu
  • V to open the Video Menu with rewards
  • Esc to open the Pause Menu is the latest installment in the world of It adds new items and many interesting spots for you to explore.

Show off your management skills and come up with great strategies to create the strongest army and fear any enemy in


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