Share is a game where players pilot helicopters, shoot at enemies, and build towers and walls to claim territory. The objective is to dominate the map by expanding your area and eliminating opponents.

The game combines aerial combat with strategic territory control. offers a unique gaming experience compared to other io games.

How to play

Basic Gameplay

Players control a helicopter that can shoot at enemies and construct walls and towers on the map. You can gain XP from destroying enemy towers, conquering territory, and shooting other helicopters. When you gain enough XP, you will be promoted.

The game features three modes: PVP, Defuse, and Teams.

  • PVP mode: The player's goal is to capture as much territory as possible.
  • Defuse mode: You must try to defuse your opponent's bombs and protect your own bombs.
  • Teams mode: Involves eight teams of six players each. The goal is also to gain a lot of territory but it also requires you to have team-fighting skills.

Levels and Skills has 32 levels, each offering new skills and upgrades.

Players can enhance their helicopter's speed, bullet speed, bullet range, reload speed, and build distance.

Tips to Play

  • Expand your territory from the beginning to quickly gain XP.
  • Unlock and use upgrades from level 20 to gain an advantage over your opponents.
  • A balance between defense and attack to avoid being defeated by your enemies.

You are ready to enter the air war with Fly your helicopter and defeat any enemy to claim the vast sky!
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