Share is a PvP fighting game where players will participate in battles to destroy enemies instantly. Climb the leaderboards and show off your badges.

Game Overview

Release date: Apr 24, 2020
Genre: IO, battle
Platforms: Web browsers, Android, iOS

How to play

Each battle lasts 2–3 minutes. You must unlock cards, adjust them, and participate in the battle. When you defeat your first opponent, you will receive a new card, which will help you increase your strength for the next battles.

Attack opponents with attack cards. When their energy runs out, they die. If you are attacked, you can use healing cards to restore energy. Each card has its own power so use them wisely.

After each turn, the opponent also becomes stronger, so you need to build a reasonable attack plan and save energy. You can fight against machines for practice or participate in battles with other players.

Tips to play

  • Use overloaded cards to transfer energy to another card
  • Earn technology cards by saving friends
  • Equip armor for late-game
  • Save resources as much as possible

Defeat as many opponents as possible and show off your achievements in the IO-style casual game!

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