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Crowd is a fun multiplayer game where your role is to be the leader who gathers all the people in the crowded city! Get yourself a lot of followers and become a winner.

How to play

You will be placed in a colorful, crowded city. Just control the character to move towards neutral (gray) people, and then they will become your followers. While attracting people, you also need to be careful of other players because they can steal yours.

If you run out of followers, you will be eliminated from the round. You can only take away someone else's followers if your follower count is larger.
Become the leader of crowd city and create the biggest following on the map.

Crowd is an interesting game. With simple controls, you can create your own crowded city. Become a talented leader that attracts the largest number of residents in a short time. Start the game now!

Game Features:

  • Attractive gameplay
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Online multiplayer


Use the mouse to control movement.

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