Welcome to the battle royale world of It's a 2D multiplayer shooting game where players must defeat the enemy and survive to the last.

How to play 

In this game, players will spawn on a giant map with about 50 players and navigate around to search for weapons, equipment, and bonuses to eliminate the opponents.

You can find many useful items like ammo, a health pack, and more that can increase your chance of survival.

As the game progresses, the safety zone will also shrink. Always make sure that you stay in the safe zone to protect your health. And as it shrinks, players will have nowhere to hide or run. In that case, they must fight against each other for the champion.

You will have a chance to try different game modes

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Squad
  • Special mode

To win this game, players must aim and shoot precisely and have great strategic planning.

Have fun in the battle royale!

You will be dropped on a shrinking map. And at the early stage, you should search for weapons and resources. When you are strong enough, don't hesitate to jump into battles! 

The game offers a thrilling battle royale experience. Only the most skilled and strategic players can claim victory!


  • Dynamic map design
  • Fast-paced action shooting game
  • Thrilling gaming experience
  • Various weapons

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