Share is a survival io game where your main goal is to survive the cold and the hunger in the middle of the woods. Collect resources, and craft items, and live off of nature!

How to play

As its name suggests, your main objective is to try not to starve to death! The game is set in the middle of the woods where there are only trees, wild animals, and the dark. You have to start with your bare hands. Move around and try to gather as many resources like wood and food. Then you can use the resources to craft different items like pickaxes, swords, and more to help you survive wild animals.

Other tips to survive

To resist the cold and lonely night, you can build a campfire and feed yourself. You can also try to plant seeds to survive from hunger. In the woods, you can search for gold as well as diamonds in order to upgrade your tools!

Game Controls

WASD / Arrow keys = Move.

Left-click to interact.

Nature is your friend. Your bare hands and strategy are what matters on the way to victory in game! Get ready for the survival challenge in the woods!

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