Welcome to icy battlegrounds with intense snowball fights! is an action game where players must gather snow to grow their snowball and shoot at the opponents to defeat them and dominate the arena. It's the battle in the winter wonderland showdown.

Game Overview

Developer: Tokyo

Release date: January 2019

Genre: IO, Action

Platforms: Web browser, Desktop, Mobile

How to play game

Embark in the snow battleground

In, you start with nothing but a tiny snowball. Move your character around to pick up snow scattered around the map and increase the size of your snowball. Then, aim and throw your snowball towards the opponents to kick them off the platform. You will lose the game if you get pushed off the platform or fall off the edge of the map.

So it is important that you keep your eyes on the surroundings. Use your strategic moves to avoid getting knocked out of the game!

Unleash icy chaos

Slide, dodge, and roll your way to victory. There are many opponents in the platform and they are all trying to kick you off. Watch out for the surroundings because there are many snowballs coming out of nowhere. Try your best to become the last player standing!

As you progress, the ice will start melting and disappear gradually!

You should focus on growing your snowball size and have clever tactics to outmaneuver the opponents!

Earn XP, Level Up, and Upgrade

You can earn XP after battles and use it to unlock new skins and upgrade your skills!

Controls to master

Hold your left mouse button to move and create a snowball.

Release your left mouse button to shoot.

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