Share is a multiplayer survival game where you have to eat everything you can find and avoid opponents. Start with a small fish, eat a lot to improve your score, and dominate the vast ocean.

Game overview

Release Date: July 21, 2017
Genre: Survival, Snake
Platforms: Web browsers, desktop, mobile

How to play

Your goal in the game is to become the last and largest surviving fish. You will start small and weak in your surroundings. You must consume the smallest foods to accumulate and become bigger.

Additionally, you can gather a small team of fish guards so they can protect you. Meanwhile, you have to dodge your opponents. Any fish or jellyfish can induce you with just one touch.

Once you've grown to a reasonable size, start attacking. Try to catch a jellyfish to earn rewards for winning. Participate in scuba diving, eat a lot to score more points, and become a giant of the ocean.

Tips to play

  • Collect an army of baby fish around you
  • Avoid larger opponents
  • Attack smaller opponents


Left-click to attack, and right-click to merge smaller fish.

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