Share is a survival IO game where players start as tiny creatures and work their way up the food chain. The goal is to become the most powerful animal in the ecosystem.

Game Overview

Developer: Stan Tatarnykov

Release date: October 2016

Genre: IO, Survival

How to play game

The main goal of the game is to rise to the top of the food chain. Players will start off as small creatures. To grow, you must move around and consume food to evolve. You also need to avoid predators to survive.

When you are strong enough, you can consume the enemies.

The game lets players witness the transformation of a creature, from a tiny animal to a giant dragon and more. There are 117 animals that you can try! The King Dragon is considered the most powerful animal in the game. And the Pakistani Macaw is regarded as the rarest one. As you progress, you can unlock new animals with unique characteristics and abilities.


Use your mouse to navigate your animal

Left-click to sprint

Stay away from red-outlined players


  • Diverse ecosystem with various biomes like land, arctic, ocean
  • Extensive range of animals
  • Dynamic weather conditions and environmental elements

Tips to win

Utilize the animal's abilities - Each animal has unique skills that can be used for defense or hunting.

Avoid confrontations with larger animals at the early stage

Explore different environments to discover new resources

Keep an eye out for predators


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