Share is an exciting pet role-playing game where you will train your pet characters to evolve into unique and infinite powers.

How to play

Your mission in the game is to help upgrade the characters. You will be provided with a system of different characters that can be unlocked to increase levels.

Build your team by choosing suitable pets and combining them together to evolve and increase their power. Lead your pets to participate in battles to become champions. Unlock more weapons for battle.

The ultimate goal in the game is to create a pet with ultimate power. Embark on a journey to tame pets and become a talented trainer.


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to move
  • Left Click to shoot
  • Right-click to command pets
  • E to interact

Tips to play

  • Strategically merge pets
  • Participate in matches
  • Unlock more weapons

Build your team and defeat anyone who stands in your way on your path to becoming the strongest beast. Good luck!


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