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Miniblox is a multiplayer sandbox game that combines survival and creativity. Join the game and build a new world for yourself.

Game Overview

Release Date: January 2019
Platform: Web browser

How to play

The game includes two exciting game modes that allow you to participate in many different experiences:


You start from zero and craft many different items. You must find food to survive.
Your energy will decrease over time, and you need to feed animals like pigs, chickens, and sheep and collect items from them.
Avoid dangerous monsters and wetlands to survive.


Like the Minecraft games, you can also create the world your way.
Collect countless items and create huge structures such as houses, cities, etc. You will see wood, metal, gems, or trees. Use them or store them in a shed for storage.

Parkour map

Each type of map will challenge your different skills:

  • Jump Parkour
  • Spiral Parkour

Mini games

There are many types of mini games for you to choose from, such as KitPvP, Skywars, Eggwars doubles, Eggwars quads, Spleef, Bridge duels, One in the quiver, Classic PvP.


  • WASD = move
  • Space = jump
  • Shift = sprint
  • Alt = crouch
  • Left click = mine/attack
  • Right click = place blocks
  • E = inventory
  • Double tap space = fly (creative)
  • Enter = chat
  • P = pause

Whether you love survival or creative games, this game is definitely the perfect choice for you!

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