LOL Beans is a bean-filled adventure game where players transform into a bean-like character and race against each other through obstacle courses. Players must compete in different rounds and the last bean to stand will get the champion crown.

Game Overview

Developer: Big Boss Dolphin

Release date: October 2020

Genre: IO, Arcade, Battle Royale

Platforms: Web browser, Desktop, Mobile

How to play LOL Beans io game

Bean battle royale!

As its name suggests, players will take the role of a bean-shaped character and join the battles. Each match features different rounds to find the champion. After each round, players who can't meet the round goal will get eliminated. The others will continue to the next round. And the winner is the one who survives to the last.

Obstacles and challenges

In each round, players must overcome different series of crazy obstacles. And the battlefield is really a chaos. For example, you may have to avoid moving objects like swinging hammers, climb over slippy hills, or avoid bouncy balls.

The challenges also get harder after each level.

Customization options

Don't forget to customize your character and change its looks so that your character stands out in the battleground!

Game Controls:

  • WASD / Arrow keys to move.
  • Right-click or Space to jump.

What about its features?

  • Fantastic battle royale gameplay
  • An array of obstacles and challenges
  • Customizable characters
  • Different game modes to explore
  • Regular upgrades with new events, features, and content

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