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Jetpack is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter game where players engage in fierce battles to reach the top of the leaderboards.

How to play

Starting the game, you will choose your favorite character. Each character will have their own powers, such as armor, teleportation, super speed, freezing, missiles, and blindness.

You have to move around the map to shoot down opponents everywhere. Jump from side to side to destroy opponents and avoid their attacks.

In addition to using guns, you can use jet packs to increase firepower in places where you can't shoot. If you are hit, you will die immediately and will need time to revive.

You will be given a limited supply of energy, so use it wisely so it doesn't run out. Eat trash power-ups on the map to restore energy. Use MediKits to boost your health and TripleShot to unleash your most powerful firepower.


  • WASD to move and fly
  • Click the mouse to aim and shoot

Tips to play

  • Master the controls
  • Use energy smartly
  • Use power when necessary

If you love space shooting games, give it a try

Join your friends in the arena and fight to survive in this fierce battle of survival!

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