Share is a strategy .io game where the goal is to control a snake to conquer territories and claim the largest area possible on the map.

How to play

The gameplay of the game is similar to the famous Paper IO game.

Your task in the game is to control the snake's movement to take over the hexagons. However, you must avoid cutting your line and be careful of being cut by players.

The more hexagons you capture, the higher the level you get. Try to take up as much space as possible to climb to the top of the rankings.
In addition to moving safely around your area, you can also attack other players to take points from them.

Speed is very important in this strategy game. You can use power-ups to attack other players more effectively.

To win, you need to capture at least 20% of the map and hold the king position for three minutes.

Tips to play

Understand the map to move to larger territories.

Increase speed as needed to cut through opponents and avoid their attacks.

When the territory is large, be careful when going too far from it because enemies are lurking at any time.

Plan strategically and react quickly to prove your skills and win on unblocked.


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