Share is a multiplayer snake game where players control their snakes to collect and attack to become the largest snake element in the arena.

How to play Gulper io

Move the slithering snake around the battlefield to eat glowing orbs to get bigger. To speed up players Use left-click or the spacebar, but burn some calories in the process.

To make the worm grow faster, the player needs to cut off other worms in cunning ways to make them crash into your side. You can then eat the rest of the worm.

The bigger you get, the easier it is to eat other players. You can wrap around other players to make them rush at you, so try to eat a lot to become bigger.

Try not to get hit by other players. Can you defeat as many enemies as possible and become the fattest worm?


  • Use the mouse to control the worm
  • Click the left mouse button to boost speed


  • Online high-score leaderboard
  • Beautiful neon graphics
  • Custom colors

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