Share - formerly EvoWorld io is a captivating multiplayer survival game where players control a fly that eats other creatures and grows bigger.

Set in an environment of different creatures, players must move through many biomes to evolve into giant creatures.

How to play

The player controls the fly to eat smaller creatures and avoid larger creatures. Creatures with a green border are those you can eat, and creatures you cannot eat have a red border. You must quickly eat them before the water completely dries up.

When you evolve into a new creature, you will be given new abilities. Use them. If you're dehydrated, just breathe in water to replenish.


  • W/Up Arrow - Fly Up
  • A/Left Arrow - Move Left
  • D/Right Arrow - Move Right

Tips to play

  • Switch continuously for quick meals
  • Drink as much water as possible
  • Escape when getting bigger coins
  • Buy new cosmetics and effects in shop

Game Levels

The game has 45 different animals and 8 stages of evolution to explore. Each stage brings a lot of surprises and excitement to players, from ordinary animals to mythical beasts and cosmic entities, each with its own set of challenges and rewards.

About the creator:

Developed by Pixel Voices, is a testament to the studio's expertise in crafting games.

If you love this game, don't hesitate to try—an action game where you will eat to become the biggest

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