Share 2 2 2 is a simple survival game in which you control a flower as you travel around the map, collecting petals to become stronger against dangerous enemies.

How to play

Collect flower petals

Petals are the key to your strength and advancement. Move the flower to collect petals as you go through the map. They will help you gain more strength and become more progressive.

Resist attacks from other players

You can face big and dangerous players. Use features like expanding or merging flowers to avoid danger. Pay attention to your surroundings to avoid other players and obstacles to avoid failure.

Upgrade when necessary

Progress after each game. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase. You will receive XP when you eat a lot of flower petals. Use it to upgrade your flower, such as by increasing speed, strength, and other attributes.

Join with your team

You can play solo or form a team to overcome more difficult challenges. Build strategies and coordinate smoothly with your teammates to help you create explosive success in this dangerous strategy game. 2 is the second part of the game that brings exciting additions to the survival gameplay for you to explore.

Join the game, upgrade your flower to the highest level, and defeat any enemies you encounter. Are you ready?

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