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Flappy Bird is a famous one-button game where the player clicks continuously and controls the bird, avoiding obstacles to fly as far as they can.

About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was released in 2014 and uses graphics similar to Super Mario Bros. The game features extremely simple side-scrolling gameplay in which the player controls a bird, trying to pass rows of green pipes without touching them.

How to play

Click continuously and get the bird to fly up and down to avoid the blue pipes. Tap carefully to raise the bird up and navigate through the gaps without touching them.

When you pass a gap, you will get a point. If you touch anything, the game will end immediately.

It starts with simple challenges, but the more you play, the more difficult it becomes because of the speed and the more difficult columns to pass. How many points can you score in this addictive game?


  • On Mobile: tap the screen
  • On Computer: click or press the spacebar

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