Share is a multiplayer fighting game inspired by where players enter the arena against other players to win.

How to play

Your mission in the game is to collect resources to become bigger. You can collect weapons to attack other players. Compete with players around the world and beat them to get the highest score on the leaderboard.

Weapons start from hammers, and guns to more advanced types. Please collect and use them. Try to build giant forts to gain the advantage.


  • WASD/Arrows to move
  • LMB/Space to attack
  • RMB to shield
  • E to automatically attack
  • F to mark the location
  • Q to heal
  • X to lock rotation
  • Enter to chat
  • 1-9 to equip items

The game brings you an exciting multiplayer battle experience where you can join players around the world. Join fast-paced battles with or if you want a similar game, try PolyTonk.


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