Share is a fun battle game where you will control a monster that evolves by eating food and fights other players. Become the strongest monster in the arena.

Game Overview

Release date: 2019
Developer: Night Steed Games
Genre: IO, battle
Platforms: Web browsers, Android, iOS

How to play

Eat to get bigger

The goal is to grow the biggest and outlast the competition.
Starting the game, you will join with other monsters.
The large arena is filled with food. You must control your monster to eat to increase its size and strength. As you eat more, your monsters will become bigger and gain new skills and powers.

Fight other monsters

Along with eating to grow, you need to fight other players to grow faster. Use your sword to attack your opponents by rushing forward and delivering powerful blows.

Fast-paced battles require your reflexes and sharp thinking to overcome your enemies.

Try to win and climb the rankings in this fighting game!

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