Share is an exciting multiplayer survival game where you will control a human to avoid zombies to survive or embrace zombies and find survivors to destroy them.

Game overview

Release Date: April 2018
Genre: IO, survival
Platforms: Web browsers, Android, iOS

How to play

The game has very simple gameplay:

As a human

Your goal is to stay alive for as long as possible. With hordes of zombies on the prowl, you must stay away from them. You can seek refuge in buildings and barricade doors with various objects to avoid encountering them. You can use weapons to attack zombies, from the classic crowbar to the bizarre potato gun. If you fail, you can be revived after a few seconds.

As a zombie

You can rush into the zombie zone and transform into a zombie, joining the ranks of the flesh-eating horde. Then your mission is to infect as many humans as possible and swell the zombie ranks with fresh recruits.

The game offers diverse gameplay, whether you're fighting for survival or feasting on human flesh like a zombie.

Game features

  • Attractive multiplayer mode
  • Diverse types of weapons
  • Fast revival time

Whether you're a human fighting for survival or a zombie hungry for flesh, join the game now and give your best in this battle for survival!


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