Share is a multiplayer IO game inspired by the classic Bomberman. Participating in the game, players will place bombs along the way and destroy opponents to dominate the arena.

How to play

You must place bombs along the way to explode the terrain and blow away other players.

The game provides necessary items; pick them up to increase the bomb's explosion radius as well as their power.

When a bomb explodes, hide around the corners to avoid self-destruction. If you get hit by a bomb, you will die immediately.

The game includes a lot of items, such as burgers, bombs, cosmetics, and more. You can use them to exchange for new characters.


  • WASD or arrow keys to Move 
  • Space bar to drop the bomb
  • Left-click to push the bomb

Tips to play

  • Dodge into the corner when the bomb explodes
  • Collect items to explode multiple bombs at the same time
  • Increase bomb detonation for more destruction

Get into the game and show off your ability to destroy things!

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